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Benefits of Archery

Being fans of basketball and players there are a lot of things out there that can help our games. In this post I will be talking about something that you probably would never hear coming from a basketball training website. That is archery.

Why archery though? It actually has a number of benefits that could help your basketball game. Here are a few of the complimentary benefits that archery offers you.

1 – Stability. You can make a basket if you don’t have a stable, fluid motion. The same is true for an archery release. While you aren’t going at the same pace you would be during a game, you need to hold that stability for a longer period of time in archery. It is great practice developing a stable archery release and it can carry over to other areas.

2 – Upper body strength. Bow shooting heavily demands upper body strength. This is just as important when shooting baskets. If you start going to the higher draw weight bows, then you are going to be getting a great upper body workout, and to top that off it is great for the back too.

3 – Coordination. Strength and stability are great, but so is coordination. You need to be able to hit what you are shooting at. The same is true when shooting a basket. Being able to take aim at a target will help you learn to focus and aim for the rest of your activities.

4 – Focus. To be able to focus and aim in archery requires a lot of work. You need to be able to tune out every distraction, because any disturbance could cause you to lose aim and miss your mark. This will carry on over to basketball as you have distractions, and people rushing you for the ball. Being able to focus on what you need to do will help you maybe more than any other benefit from archery.

I hope the following benefits got you thinking about giving archery a try. I would suggest checking out compound bows since as you get stronger you can adjust the draw weights for your bow and not need to buy a new one. The best compound bow will have good stabilizers in it, be able to shoot fast, and have a good range of draw weights available for you to chose from. Take care to chose the right one and have fun shooting at the range!